The Mary Rosenthal Memorial Student Travel Grant from the Algae Foundation was initiated to provide support for students presenting a poster or oral presentation at the Algae Biomass Summit. The Algae Biomass Summit 2020 took place in San Diego September 8th-11th. See past year’s recipients below. 

    Neha Arora

    Mixotrophic cultivation of C. vulgaris using sweet sorghum bagasseto reduce cost and enhance sustainability

    Priscila Paola Dario

    Biochemical composition and conversion of methil esters via direct microalgae biomass transesterification

    Fengzheng Gao

    Maximum fucoxanthin and lipid production by Tisochrysis lutea at lab and pilot scale

    Yaoguang Li

    Development of genomic tools for breeding superior sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) cultivars for food and fuel

    Magdalini Tsarpali

    Lipid extraction of microalgae & hydrothermal carbonization of the residual algal biomass for sustainable hydrochar production

    Dágon Manoel Ribeiro

    Culture media for the production of biomass of green microalgae (Chlorophyta) at low cost

    Anita Ljubic

    Nannochloropsis oceanica as a new natural source of vitamin D3

    Chelsea Tyus

    Characterizing Monosaccharides and Starches in a Co-Culture of Microalgae

    Dylan Franks

    Using Algae in Undergraduate STEM Education...

    Fabian Abiusi

    Oxygen balanced mixotrophic cultivation: how to double microalgae productivity...

    Gisell Pazmino

    Potential microalgae acclimation to centrate wastewater...

    Lizzette Garcia

    Effect of environmental factors on the biomass and lipid production of microalgae...

    Madelyn Wilson

    A Look at Post-combustion Flue Gas CO2 Capture for Sustainable Algae Production

    Pedro Chacon

    Energy harvesting system for turbulent flow: Application to microalgal cultures

    Alvin Cheng

    A microfluidic approach for high-throughput screening of microalgae-to-bioproducts conversions

    Derek Hess

    Impact of Heavy Metals on Microalgae Growth and Conversion into Biofuel and Biogas Production...

    Eric Monroe

    Production, upgrading, and testing of fusel alcohols as high performance fuels from whole algae bioconversion

    William Stanley

    Marine Algae Cultured in Enriched Medium Demonstrate Increased Uptake...

    Ali Teymouri

    Evaluation of Lipid Extractability After Flash Hydrolysis of Algae

    Lei Wang

    A Low- Cost Microfluidic Concentrator for Cyanobacteria Harvesting

    Rey Allen

    Synthetic ecology for quantitative prediction of anti-comtamination strategies..

    Andrew Burch

    Combined nitrogen limitation and peroxide treatment enhances neutral lipid accumulation the marine diatom...

    Dylan Franks

    Physiological Optimization of Lipid Accumulationin Microalgaeduring Continuous Culture

    Hasti Hosseinizand

    Economics of drying microalgae Chlorella in a conveyor belt dryer with recycled heat

    Jiang Bowen

    The Algae Foundation’s Algae Academy

    Kishi Masatoshi


    Li Yalin

    Quantitative Multiphase Model for Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) of Algal Biomass

    McKenna Loop

    The Effect of the Type of Extraction Method on the Amount of Crude Algal Lipids Recovered for Economically Feasible Biofuel Production

    Stan Pankratz

    Modeling Algae Pond Cultivation –Canada (and global)

    Umme Aiman

    Andrew Bessette

    LCA of Algae Based Biofuels Produced Utilizing Flash Hydrolysis ProcessUsing and Argonne GREET Model 

    Raul Gonzalez

    Steamlined Contruction of the Carboxysome for the Develpment of Modular Protein-Based Nanoreactor 

    Huiya Gu

    Matthew Jackson

    Promotng Lipid Accumulation in Chlorella vulgaris UTEX395 Using Nitrogen...

    Jakob Nalley

    Well‐Oiled Green Cleaning Machines: Harnessing the Synergy of Algal Biofuel Production...

    Garima Saxena

     Prachi Varshney

    Effect of high CO2concentrations on the growth and macromolecular composition...

    Elena Barbera

    Improving light absorption and energy conversion in Photobioreactorsfor microalgae production

    Javier Gimpel

    Production of recombinant proteins in microalgae at pilot greenhouse scale 

    Lisa A. Anderson

    Small Molecule Modulators of Lipid Production in Microalgae and NMR Spectroscopy of Lipids

    Mona Mirsiaghi

    Biocon version of Lipid-Extracted Algal Biomass into Ethanol

    Lenny de Jaeger

    Superior TAG accumulation in starchless mutants of Scenedesmus obliquus

    Alexander S. Zevin

    Characteriza*on of microbial community structure and func*on in Synechocys)s sp.PCC 6803 photobioreactors

    Julian Rosenberg


    Trina Halfhide


    Rebecca Knight


    Jeffery Moody


    Lillie Cavonius


    Pavlo Bohutskyi


    Stephanie Brunelle