Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC)

The Algae Foundation launched the Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC) project, recognizing algal production and algal biotechnology will provide a sustainable source of biomass for bio-based products, feed, fuel, foods, and polymers creating high quality jobs for an educated workforce.

The consortium’s goal is to develop novel educational programs to strengthen industry workforce capabilities, by focusing on the skills needed to support the commercialization of algal products.


1. Develop, Implement, and distribute workforce development, education and training platforms supporting algal cultivation and algal biotechnology academic and commercial efforts.

2. Create two separate Interest Generators: Algae Academy (k-12) and Massive Open Online Courses (Algal MOOCs) through

3. Establishment of Algae Cultivation Extension Short-courses (ACES) an aquaculture extension training program covering Part 1: Seaweeds and Part 2: Microalgae. ATEC Extension Program is available throughout the country, at zero charge via the Algae Foundation online platform:
Short Course, 1-2 weeks in duration. ACES versions 2.0 to be published in 2023.

4. Collegiate Curriculum to be developed and distributed at zero costs to all ATEC member schools. In person, blended, asynchronous online, and synchronous online pedagogies adopted. Curricula centered on Algae Cultivation and Algae Biotechnology. Insertable laboratories and Intensive stand-alone lab courses are supported through a series of Image Guided Standard Operating Procedures and real time office and lab hour support.

The Foundation’s ATEC committee is presently comprised of over forty member schools and organizations throughout the United States who collectively have more than 300 years in algal-based education, research, and commercial experience. ATEC is currently supported by a third, 3-year award to produce a novel K-12, community college courses, labs, microcredentialing digital badges, certificates and degrees in algae cultivation and algae biotechnology.