About the Project

The Algae Foundation launched the Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC) project, recognizing algal production will provide a sustainable source of biomass for bio-based products, feed, fuel and foods creating high quality jobs for an educated workforce.

The consortium’s goal is to develop novel educational programs to strengthen industry workforce capabilities, by focusing on the skills needed to support the commercialization of algal products.

The Foundation’s ATEC committee is presently comprised of seventeen members based throughout the United States who collectively have more than 100 years in algal-based education, research, and commercial experience. ATEC is currently supported through a three year grant to produce a novel two year associate of science degree in Algae Biology, Technology and Cultivation. The ATEC team members include professionals from the following organizations:

Algae Foundation
Algae Biomass Organization
Univ. of California, San Diego
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
University of Texas, Austin
Arizona State University
University of Southern Maine
Sante Fe Community College
Austin Community College
Rutgers University
Univ. of Maine Aquaculture Ext.
University of South Florida

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